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I Am Definitely Not Teetotal Pen - AMIG36

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Am I?

This hilarious new range from Really Good's in-house designer pokes a bit of fun at our sore spots. 

Gasp I am definitely not...




Late (again...)


Am I? 

Fun gifts coming at you in notebook, coaster, mug, and pen form. 

Gift Ideas

Each of these definitely not thinly veiled insults can be paired up to get your point across. An 'I am definitely not late (again)' notebook for a friend would work rather humorously with a watch. 'I am definitely not forgetful' pen accompanied by a personal diary is both thoughtful and funny (the particular flavour of gift-giving I usually strive for). 

Use the hashtag #reallygoodgifts to tell us what you'd pair yours with!

Mine: 'I am definitely not weird' mug + pot of Bovril for my horrendous friend who drinks the stuff with hot water. 

Tik xo

Height (cm) 15.5
Width (cm) 11.3
Thickness (cm) 1.5


96 Pages 

Wide ruled on the right hand side

Plain on the left