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I Am Definitely Not Messy Coaster - AMIG10

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Oh, all the thing we are not. We are not messy, forgetful, always late, demanding or weird. This coaster is a great way to signal to the world at large that you are not messy. Not at all. You are a paragon of virtue, a person whose belongings are always neatly stored in the exact place they belong, a type who leaves nothing to chance and always knows where stuff is. You also just happen to be a big liar, which is why this coaster is so perfect for you. Go on. Do the decent thing. Admit your messiness, repent, and vow to do better in future.

Height (cm) 15.5
Width (cm) 11.3
Thickness (cm) 1.5


96 Pages 

Wide ruled on the right hand side

Plain on the left