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I Am Definitely Not a chocoholic LED Torch - AMIG42

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If you love your chocolate then this chocoholic LED torch is the perfect tool for those moments when you need to find your hidden stash of chocolate. 

This hilarious new range from Really Good's in-house designer pokes a bit of fun at our sore spots.   You may already have a mug, pen, notebook, coaster or keyring?  So now you can see what you are with one of the AM I LED torches.  Perfectly formed to fit in pockets, purses, wallets or anywhere to be honest, aslong as you know where it is for that time you need it the most!  

Now onto the question, what are you?  What is your friend?  Either way there are ten designs for you to choose. 

Other designs available... Gasp I am definitely not..

  • Trouble
  • Chocoholic
  • Demanding
  • Morning Person
  • Late (again)
  • Teetotal
  • Weird
  • Coffee Addict
  • Forgetful
  • Messy