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Hot Diggety Dog Big Purse - GSG09

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Snazzy and adorable thing holder!

You could bore yourself into a stupor buying an ordinary purse. Maybe a black one, or brown, or navy blue. Yawn. Or you could get all joyous about it and make everyday stuff like getting cash out of your purse a fun thing, something that makes you smile. We think the second situation is by far the best, and here's a little something to help you along your journey to purse-led pleasure. It is covered in dogs. Long dogs, silly dogs, dogs with bows in their hair and crazy expressions. It's nuts, but in a good way. And that means it's perfect for you, you, you

This one is the BIGGIE or the three!  Dimensions 16.5 x 16 x 1.5cms

Other sizes available Little & Tiny Hot Diggety Dog Purse.

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