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Double Figures! 10 Happy Birthday Card - BS259

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Straight from Really Good's famous The Bright Side range.

The Bright Side cards are a perfect fit for any card-worthy occasion. A beloved range that recently won a prestigious award for standing the test of time. It’s memorable and funky lettering is a massive hit the world over! This tenth birthday card comes with a blank inside to create your own birthday message.

Can you remember how thrilling it was, being on the verge of hitting double figures? There's a world of difference between being nine and ten when you're little, and your child will adore this very special card designed to celebrate exactly that. Two friendly pale grey hippos complete the picture, each burping out a number. Why hippos? Why burping hippos? We have no idea. That's just the way our world works, but they're pretty cool all the same. This is one heck of a colourful card, cheerful and funky, and no wonder it flies off our shelves so quickly.


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