Teacher Tin
Teacher Tin
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Teacher Tin

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Handy tin for teacher essentials: spare markers, stash of sweets, souls of naughty children...

Every self-respecting teacher needs a teacher tin to stash their bits and bobs. This one is the perfect size to keep all sorts of essentials safe, from elastoplasts to pads of gold stars, from coloured chalks to biros that actually work and pencils that are actually sharpened. Oh, plus sweets, marker pens, erasers shaped like farm animals and the souls of naughty children. Really.

Need something a bit bigger?

For those times when a regular-size teacher tin just isn't big enough... here's a good, big XL Teacher Tin for you, a cool place to store everything from live worms given to you by your little charges – lovely – to sweets to cheer yourself up when the kids are being monsters. Plus useful lengths of string to tie them up in the stationery cupboard with when they're bad. Joke. Not.





Length (cm)

20.8 28

Width (cm)

15.8 24.3

Height (cm)

7.7 11