Save the Trees! Save the Ocean! Save the World!

Green packaging & products 

(not just the literal green ones, all of them)

Our boards are from well managed forests and we are constantly reviewing with a view to buy boards with a larger recycled content (while retaining really good quality).

Our printer is FSC certified.

Our cello bags are fully recyclable.

Our envelopes are all recycled paper.

Green office 

(it's actually a nice neutral white colour, with specs of Blu Tack) 

Our paper, cardboard, tin and glass are recycled, as is most of our plastic.

Our lights and computers are switched off when not in use.

Our office paper is recycled, and we think before we print.

(We used to have a wormery but too many tea bags makes for a very sad and dead worm pile) 

Green cars

(full disclosure I have no idea what colour our reps cars actually are)

Our cars have to be a minimum of 10% reduced CO2 and 10% increased MPG when they come up for replacement.

Green... trees?

With our own bare hands we planted a THOUSAND trees (David wasn't happy we turned the office into a lush jungle). 

Okay I'm kidding - we didn't plant them with our bare hands in the office, but we are responsible for the planting of over 1000 trees in an effort to be more conscientious about the waste in the Greetings Card & Gift industry (go us!). 

New (green) developments!

Climate change and deforestation are real, big threats to our world - and we believe we should all do our bit to help. 

With this in mind our latest foray into green gifts is the Suck It straws. Reusable straws that come in a handy little pouch with a nifty cleaning pipe!