Green Statement


  • Our boards are from well managed forests and we are constantly reviewing with a view to buy boards with a larger recycled content, while retaining wonderful quality.
  • Our boards are certified elemental chlorine free.
  • Our printer is FSC certified.
  • Our cello bags are made from corn starch and are fully compostable.
  • Our envelopes are all recycled paper.



  • Our paper, cardboard, tin and glass are recycled and most of our plastic.
  • Our lights and computers are switched off when not in use.
  • Our office paper is recycled, and we think before we print.
  • Our waste lunchtime food and even our teabags are given to our worms in our wormery.



  • Our cars have to be a minimum of 10% reduced CO2 and 10% increased MPG when they come up for replacement.
  • We offset our carbon emissions.


Most recently, we planted around 1000 trees, although we admit that we didn't do this with our own bare hands.