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It's almost painful, but in a good way. You want a fab new 2020 calendar so badly you can't sleep nights. You have a scarily powerful desire for desk calendars, and it just won't go away. The very thought of a brand new travel journal makes you feel all funny inside, sort of wobbly and slightly tearful. What's going on? You've got a serious case of stationeryitis, and there's absolutely nothing the doctor can do for you. You're hooked on journals, obsessed with notebooks, fascinated by party invitations. OMG!

What can you do to ease your pain? There's only one solution, and it involves buying oodles of beautiful new stationery. Buy printed invitations to delight your friends and family. Purchase stunning wedding stationery for your big day. Grab a bundle of save the date cards so your absent-minded mates and colleagues don't forget to turn up at your event. We stock patterned address books to die for, luscious luxury notebooks for every occasion and taste, and cool wall calendars to help the perpetually lost-in-space remain organised.

Maybe you have a yen for diaries, bloody gorgeous diaries in stylish vivid colours and fantastic designs. Perhaps family diaries are your drug of choice, something you simply cannot resist and don't even want to try resisting. Resistance is, after all, futile anyway, so why even bother avoiding the eye of that particularly attractive travel journal or turning away from that marvellous collection of secret journals designed to stash your private bits in? We recommend you indulge your passion for notebooks, party invites and much, much more at every opportunity. Life is too short not to. You might get run over by a bus tomorrow so fill your boots while you can, lovely people.

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