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Where on earth do you start, with so many baby shower gifts to choose from? Stick with us and it's a whole lot easier. We've sourced the cheekiest, funniest collection of goodies for mums-to-be that you can imagine, beautifully designed, funky and full of personality. All aboard the baby shower express! Our baby shower gift ideas include a Baby's First Visitors book for your friends and family to fill with good wishes, sensible advice, and absolute nonsense. It stars three baby elephants with their mum, too cute for words. There's a Mummy To Be tin, the perfect place to stash all those bits and bobs that their mummy brain will otherwise put 'somewhere sensible' and never, ever find again. And every new mum needs a 'Baby on Board' sign with a difference, available in blue or pink and ridiculously sweet, populated with furry animals.

Unique baby shower gifts include a Baby Keepsakes tin. Not to keep your baby in, that would be silly. It's a lovely thing in which to keep precious memories: those tiny, teeny booties, their first tooth, a fragrant curl of baby hair, that sort of thing. If you're wondering what to give for a baby shower, we even have a super-cute set of Baby Photo Cards to help the new mum celebrate those milestone moments. And our Brand New Bundle of Happiness tin is designed to keep 'congratulations on your baby' cards in. Imagine the mum-to-be in fifteen years' time showing the cards off to their sulky teen. Such fun! Last but far from least you need a suitable greetings card for the mum-to-be, and we stock those as well. If unique baby shower gifts are your mission, walk this way.

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