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Mighty marvelous bits & bobs for mini humans!  

You're on the trail of a collection of mighty marvellous bits and bobs for your mini humans, or for someone else's little 'uns. Here are some cool and swanky things for the small human beans in your life, gifts for kids with a difference. Kids who love animals adore our cute knife, fork and spoon sets, the pink ones starring cute giraffes and the blue ones with equally cute dinosaurs. There's a gorgeous tooth fairy tin, so much less gory than getting your children stash their baby teeth under the pillow, also in blue or pink. And you can't go far wrong with our super money tins, each starring a load of funky, colourful animals and perfect for turning small savings into bigger ones. Many of our gifts for kids are unisex, ideal for any and every small person of any shape, size or flavour.


Fun gift ideas for girls include 'My First Passport' covers, to celebrate the excitement of their very first passport and make it official. Add a luggage tag and there's a splendid gift for a first-ever trip abroad. Or treat a little girl to a pink unicorn-emblazoned tin to stash their treasures in. Cool gift ideas for boys include a 'burp' re-usable straw set, right-on and environmentally friendly as well as hilarious – you know what children are like around burps... anything to do with bodily functions delivers hours of endless fun! For sophisticated girls who are not the least bit amused by burps, there are alternatives including a fab Coolest Girl Ever re-usable straw set, complete with a funky vintage-inspired carry bag. Oh, and don't forget the greetings cards – we have some stunners designed especially for the sweet little rug-rats in your life.

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