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It's a funny thing, the drinks coaster, and it has been around for a surprisingly long time. Apparently early coasters appeared from the 1760s onwards, designed for decanters and wine bottles. Why 'coasters'? Coast is another word for 'slide', and the wine bottles and decanters would be 'coasted' to and fro across the table by posh diners after their servants had gone to bed. Early coasters were merely shallow trays. Our tea coaster collection is a whole lot nicer and more fun than that... and they have so many uses aside from the classic tea coaster.  Grab some cute coasters from our collection and use them for your cuppas. Buy six or eight and use them to dress a particularly funky dinner table. Buy a set for your bestie, your mum or your granny. Or treat yourself.  

Stand a bottle of Prosecco on it to prevent marks on furniture. Set one on your bedside table. Wherever there's a risk of a spill, it'll be there for you, sturdy and well-designed and often very funny indeed.  Every splendid tea coaster design comes with a special message. It may be a statement about its owner: hot diggety dog, foxy, total goddess, vodka girl, oooh smoothie and many more. It might be a statement about the purpose of the coaster: wine, cocktails, gin and whatnot. We have loads of brilliant cartoon coasters featuring all manner of wonderful silliness, and a series of coasters about the things you are definitely NOT. Not trouble, not demanding, not late, weird, forgetful or messy. In short, when you want to buy tea coasters, this is your number one destination. So go buy some. 

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