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I Am Definitely Not Messy Notebook - AMINB10

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Messy? Moi? If someone you love or quite like is as messy as a messy thing, they need this notebook to keep their chaotic thoughts in order, make disorganised lists and jot down stuff they'd otherwise lose or forget within five seconds. It goes brilliantly with the rest of this awesome collection, which has us constantly giggling in the office. Coasters and mugs join this fab book to give your messy mate a treat. There's even a cool pen to go with the book. When you're stuck for a gift for someone who is messy, weird, always late, forgetful or demanding, you're in gift-buying clover. Make their day!

Height (cm) 15.5
Width (cm) 11.3
Thickness (cm) 1.5


96 Pages 

Wide ruled on the right hand side

Plain on the left 


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