Suck It Gift of the Year 2019

This week under our hot, fresh excitement banner I am so very pleased to announce that our  Suck It range of reusable metal straws has been shortlisted for Gift of the Year under £10!

Gift of the Year is a lush award that covers a TONNE of amazing gifts from all over the industry and it is a wonderful thing to be shortlisted.

We’ve had an amazing reaction to our Suck It collection since it’s unleashing in November this year, from being a featured product in TimeOut Hong Kong’s Christmas gift list, to being our second most ordered gift on our Really Good website (after the fabulous 2019 Adventure Diary)!

A refreshingly different gift that also helps our environment, not to mention it currently comes in six different snazzy cases. Suck It comes from a need to be more conscious of how much plastic we’re putting into our oceans, and a new awareness of how plastic straws especially contribute to this.

So thumb your nose at dolphin destroying plastic straws, shun the soggy paper straw, and stay classy and environmentally wonderful with our marvelous metal straws.

In short, everyone and their mum* thinks Suck It is amazing and we wanted to shout about it from the rooftops (but I didn’t want to get arrested for disturbing the peace so I’m doing it here instead). We’re also super proud to be alongside other magnificent shortlisters such as Bubblegum Stuff and Big Potato Games - check out their amazing entries Weird Crushes and Santa Banter.

So huzzah for us!
Much love, 

Team Really Good xo 

*sadly, an unsubstantiated claim

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