Hugest congratulations to Meghan and Harry!

Hugest congratulations to Meghan and Harry! Two have become 3 for the Sussex side of Royalty and we at RGHQ are all smitten with baby Archie. What a cutie!

There’s been so many well wishes from all over the twitterverse- but how about in real life? We know the Queen popped round to meet her (eighth!!!!) grandchild. Let’s hope Megs has invested in a guest book to keep track of all the #celebvisitors!


And it’s anyone’s guess what amazing pressies he’ll have landed at his feet as a welcome to Royal life. When there’s a royal new arrival in town, you need more than an old shoebox to store your new baby trinkets. These treasure tins are a stylish storage option and one you can pull out 18 years later to embarrass the not-so-little ones with.


And how long till that bundle of joy starts jetting off all over the world? Although not officially a prince, he’ll still be part of the hustle of royal life- state visits, hanging out with the Clooneys etc...Get that baby a passport! And for your own little princes and princesses, how about our award-winning passport cover and matching luggage tag? When only the best will do, (and when you want to look like a totes amaze parent strutting through Terminal 5 with your super cool kid with matching accessories)



Now let’s all raise a glass to Meghan and Harry, proud (and knackered) new parents. In need of a strong brew to get them through the early mornings and late nights... and when you’re feeling bleary-eyed at the breakfast table yourself, but smiling smugly at your oh-so-good parenting, treat yourself to a cuppa in these right royal mugs.



And who hasn’t wanted to declare their un-morning-ness to everyone in the office, baby or no baby? Or maybe you sneak in a cheeky hot chocolate to get you through the morning brews, we mean blues. There’s many a statement mug in the I Am range, to suit all tastes and fancies, and who doesn’t love gifting a mug for a birthday, Christmas, secret Santa or new baby occasion!



It won’t be long till The Sussex’s are busy running around after Archie, going from Polo matches to Yoga studios, with a full social diary and play dates with the Beckhams. Luckily they’ll have a team of PA’s and porters, chauffeurs and chefs to keep them on track. But for us mere mortals, whose minds are full of hashtags, filters and trends and rely on tech to get us out of bed (“hey Google....wake me up with directions to a coffee shop”)... when your minds are too full of parenting shizzle, and you’ve forgotten for the umpteenth time to grab some milk- you can pick up one of the fab List Books to help you feel organised. Nothing like pen and paper, written in your own fair hand!



Big love to the Sussex’s from all at Team RG xxx

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