Bank Holiday Weekends!!

Huzzah for Spring! The sun is shining (mostly) the birds are singing (at too early o’clock) and boy are we ready for some Bank Holiday action.  

Once Easter is over and done with, and the chocolate eggs have all been eaten, it means May is just around the corner and we have not one but TWO days of rest, relaxation and recovery! And while two days seems luxurious, back in the good old days of 1834, we actually had 33 of these splendid public holidays every year… that’s like an extra month off! And although it might mean that you don’t get your post, and the motorways are jammed, the 3 day weekends definitely make up for it! 

May Bank Holidays usually mean fun-filled days, action-packed festivals or special events and we've put together a few ideas for you to make the most of the long weekends... 

Plan a perfect picnic

If the sun is shining, load up the car with essentials, and pack the perfect picnic. With plenty of snacks, lazing on the grass till the sun goes down is a pretty good way to while away a day. And don’t forget the reusable straws!


Make a weekend getaway

Home or abroad, a long weekend is a perfect time to plan a quick escape from the drudgery of routine. Throw your essentials in a holdall (luggage tag optional!), pack your cables in a charger bag and you’re off!! 


Have a grand day out 

The perfect weather isn’t compulsory for a day out. Come rain or shine, find a castle to explore, dip your toes at the seaside or get back in touch with nature in ancient woods. You’ll need travel bickies for the journey and some coinage for car parks and ice cream stops.


 Girls night out

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity for a night out, the 3 day weekend offers the perfect 2 day recovery period! Invite your besties over to glam up together and head off into the evening for some serious fun. Don’t forget your shot flask and a handbag mirror for those all-important touch-ups.


 Get busy in the garden

Dust the mower off and dig out the secateurs! Make the most of the dry weather May usually brings and get your garden summer party ready. Head off to the local garden centre for some inspiration (and a piece of cake!). And when you’re done, put your feet up with a mug or glass of something refreshing and hide the evidence of your purchases in this receipt tin


 Declutter and cleanse

If you’ve got a heap of jobs you’ve been putting off, and the day is too grey for fun, stay inside and have a sort out! You never know what treasures you’ll unearth from under the stairs, or the photos you’ll uncover from the pile you’ve been meaning to put in an album, and just imagine how righteous you’ll feel when all anyone else has to show for the long weekend is a hangover! Try this card organiser or the Mexicana tins for decluttering inspiration.


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