All Aboard the SS Reviewer!

Well something very exciting happened this week, we launched a shiny new endeavor called the Really Good Reviewer Club. 

It all started with a call to help on Facebook for our lovelies to give us a hand in spreading the Really Good word... 

Pretty soon I'd been surrounded by fantastic humans who wanted to join our merry band of beans!

So what is it?

Well the RGRC (Really Good Reviewer Club - it's too much of a mouthful to keep typing out even for me and I named the thing) is a gathering of people who love the Really Good brand and would like to write reviews for us. 

On some sort of to be defined schedule (I'm a very busy bean, I do my best) we'll be sending out products for our lovelies to write about. This could be anything: a Sass & Sunshine greetings card, a NIFTIE felted mat, or a Bright Side mug. They've got some time to try out the product, and then write an honest review on the website to tell you lovely lot what it's like.

Ooh sounds good can I join?

We've had a lot of interest in the RGRC since we posted about it (how is that only yesterday?!) and while I'm overwhelmed by the fabulous enthusiasm on show, there has to be a cap or the whole thing is gonna go up in flames. 

Saying that if we do get far more interest then I'll look at doing a rotation of groups. 

So for the time being - no. Please no. There's so much to do, take pity on me. 


And that's pretty much it! Watch this space (well not this space, just generally the website) for new reviews appearing!

Also check out our social media profiles and the hashtags #reallygoodgifts #reallygoodreviewerclub for updates!

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Take care lovelies, 

Team Really Good 




  • Amy

    Received My Really Good Goodies!
    Fabulous Quality, Gorgeous Designs and Brilliant Customer Service and Super Speedy Delivery.

    Highly Recommend!

  • Amy

    Was greeted with some Happy Post today!
    A lovely bundle of Really Good Goodies :)
    5 Gorgeous Cards of two different sizes, all different and lovely designs. Great Quality, Customer Service and Super Speedy Delivery!

  • Brenda Payne

    I have been a retail card buyer in the past and indeed have boughtand sold really good cards since the early days of “tick the box” postcards.

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