10 Things You're Gonna Want (Student Edition)

# one 

Pencil Case | Wiffley Waffley | £7

 A uni student spends approximately 2 months, 16 days, and 4 hours* of their degree searching their bag and/or fellow students for a pen. Stop wasting valuable napping studying time. Simple design and poppin' slogan that wistfully reminds me of Word Art makes sure that this bad boy won't be hard to find.

*statistics are irreverantly and unashamedly made up for the purpose of humour 

# two

Pen | Always Fabulous | £12.99

Everyone has that One Pen, the trusty biro that never lets you down, Old Faithful that belongs in your bag and will always be there in times of great need. This is that pen. It's never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you. A lovely shade of cotton candy pink it can be easily spotted among the debris of your bag. Even MORE impressive, it has a touchscreen stylus tip.

# three  

Small Purse | Giggle & Snort | £6

You've got your nearly A4 size purse for day-to-day carrying of your 3,682 loyalty cards, stash of stamps, just-in-case change, and receipts from the past week year. This is the Night Purse, the Essentials Carrier. The one that can actually fit into a reasonable size handbag. Perfect for carrying your taxi fare, emergency drunk chip fund, and booze money. Also it's got llamas on it. Everyone loves llamas.

# four  

Mug | Fish & Black | £10

Now we're not saying that girls who don't eat pizza are robots or secret lizard folk, what we are saying is watch out for them relaying your secrets to the mothership. Mugs. The undeniable essential of kitchenware. They hold tea, coffee, hot ribena (trust me, it's amazing), soup, and the respect of house guests when they get given an amusing recepticle for their beverage.

# five 

Monthlies Tin | Mexicana | £8

You know you bought at LEAST 3 packs of pads last month, but they're not in the drawer, they're not in the bathroom, and you've only found a couple in that bag you used the other week. Well fear not, we have a rather pretty solution! This tin right here.
A safe haven of cotton wrapped up in the lovely Mexicana design. Got more than one woman in the house? Pool your resources and have one less thing to worry about when that time comes around, sharing is caring.

# six 


Colour Sticks | Deck Chair | £3.75

You would not believe how useful colouring sticks are at University. Think you left pencils behind in primary school? Think again. From revision notes to unexpectedly creative projects these are a useful little thing to take with you.

# seven 

Notebook | JRF | £20

A perfect gift for friends at uni - everyone loves a beautiful notebook. Even though there's an app for everything, there's still a loveliness in writing with pen and paper. Notes for class, secret thoughts about the group members that don't pull their weight (I'm still bitter), or daydream doodles, a stunning notebook can hold them all.

# eight 

Bucket | Deck Chair | £8

Okay this one is just plain sensible. You would not believe the amount of mess 2+ uni students can make when there's alcohol involved. Attempt to keep it under control with this handy party bucket. Beer bottle tops, empty cans - whack them in here instead of the nearest surface.

(Also useful as emergency chuck bucket for that one friend who can't handle their drink but tries to keep up anyway)

# nine 

Sticky Note Set | Deck Chair | £2.50

It seems we're on a sensible role (there's always a first time for everything) - adorn your textbooks, calendars, and notebooks with these nifty little notes. Need to highlight a passage in your book but can't bring yourself to deface it with a pen - use a note. Need to remind yourself of the 1001 things you need to do before going out tonight - use a note. Their usefulness cannot be surpassed...

# ten 

Shot Flask | Fish & Black | £7.50

Except perhaps by this beauty! Small enough to fit in your pocket this shot flask is the perfect uni companion. Whether it's a shot of wheat grass or Jacks (I'm not judging) your poison is safe in here.

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